You can find contact information for the Danish Artillery Regiment below. You can also find contact information for the other authorities at Oksbøl Barracks.

The management

Colonel Torben Dixen Møller
Chief of Danish Artillery Regiment

T: +45 20 11 77 14
E: [email protected]

You can find contact information for the entire management by clicking on the green button under this text.

Contact information

Press contact

The Danish Artillery Regiment wishes to raise public awareness of the regiment for the purpose of recruiting young people who dream of a career in the Danish Defence. We also want to nurture our relationship with our neighbors, namely the citizens in Varde Municipality and the many tourists who visit our region every year.

Press Officer Captain Henrik Vej Kastrupsen
T: + 45 61 20 20 01
E: [email protected]


Security at Oksbøl Barracks is high, be it physical security, emergency preparedness or digital security. For all questions concerning security, please contact:

Security Officer Major Peter G. Mikkelsen
T: + 45 25 65 45 75
E: [email protected]

Contact and welfare

Visits to the barracks are popular, but we have limited time for these visits. We therefore prioritize those visits that may have a recruitment aspect. Contact Captain Torben Than Christensen if you have any questions.

Contact and Welfare Officer
Captain Torben Than Christensen
T: +45 41 62 39 56
E: DAR-G-L[email protected]

Oksbøl Barracks

There are a number of authorities at Oksbøl Barracks besides the Danish Artillery Regiment: The Danish Ministry of Defence Estate Agency, the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, the Danish Defence Primary Workshop, the Logistics Regiment and finally ISS. You can find them via the links below.

Contact information


There are a number of associations at Oksbøl Barracks: The Officers Association, Artillery Officers Association, the Sergeants Association, the Constables Association and Oksbøl Military Sports Association. Pansermuseet, Denmark’s largest collection of private military vehicles, also conducts its daily activities here, but has its address on Industrivej in Oksbøl. Click on the link below for an overview of the associations.

Contact information